Tempest Bat 300

Anti-intrusion battery-operated fog system

security fogging system modular plus line UR Fog

The first and unique battery-operated fog system.
Ideal for the protection of all environments and means of transport.

battery-operated fog system anti-intrusion ant-theft


Proprietary technology covered by two international patents

Self-balanced shooting system (patented)

100 m3 in less than 60 seconds

Programmable shot:
– 33 m3 (6 shots)
– 50 m3 (4 shots)
– 100 m3 (2 shots)

Battery life: about a year without mains power

  • 3 inputs – 3 outputs
  • Electronic board with slow battery charger 9-30 V
  • Serial connector for expansion boards
  • Connector for external battery charger (optional)
  • Fluid recharge easy to replace
  • Specially designed UR fog battery (not lithium)
  • Optional Lan/Cloud board (available only with external power supply) 
  • Mechanical safety system

Compatible with any alarm system

Ideal for wireless alarm integration

OEM version available