Fast 1500 Pump Pro Plus

Anti-intrusion fogging security systems

security fogging system pump line UR Fog


It is a powerful and fast fogging system, ideal to protect large areas like big shops, warehouses, superstores or even to protect targets in open space.
It is equipped with one fog bag for a very convenient, reliable and redundant
shooting, shoots up to 1500 m3 of dense fog in 70 seconds.
It is prearranged to an easy wall installation and it has a side compartment to equip boards or accessories if needed.

Powerful and fast fogging system, can cover up to 4500 m3 in 70 seconds (1500 m3 visibility less than 1 m)

Disposable recharge, very easy to replace, at a very competitive price.

Exclusive patented system that allows to automatically detects if the nozzle has been obstructed by sending a signal in case of tampering.

Plus electronic board

New Fog Storm pump

Vertical/horizontal recharge
Liquid quantity 1000 ml

Vertical recharge
Liquid quantity 3000 ml
(whith Top Box)


Expansion Kit 4L

Pump Demo Kit - UR Fog security fogging systems

Demo Kit

Keyfob and receiver UR Fog

Keyfob + receiver

Cloud board LAN

Cloud board LAN


Fluid bag 1000 ml FFLXRC10
Fluid bag 1000 ml Food Grade FFLXRC10FG
Fluid bag 4000 ml (Top box) FFLXRC40
Fluid bag 4000 ml Food Grade (Top box) FFLXRC40FG
Top box fluid 4L Pump 1500 FFLXTP40
Nozzle extension 7 cm F23PRUG7
3 holes nozzle F1M03UG3
Demo Kit (key + keyfob/receiver + button) F23KITD
Anti-robbery Kit: cable + jumper F23KITA
Relay board URRE
Arming key F123KEY
Wall bracket Pump 1500 F01STH
Keyfob + riceiver URTR
Additional keyfob URT
Transceiver rs232 5/12 V URRS232
Cloud board LAN URCL
Active Cloud Lan / WIFI board URCLWF
Wifi antenna module URCLWFA
Mounting kit 1500 – 6000 – 14000nwith external box (external plastic box + external flat cable + 1×24 mm rubber + 2×16 mm rubbers) URCLWF014
Weight of the fog machine about 29 KG
Weight with packaging about 31 KG
Units on one pallet 100×120 12
Dimension of the machine 28,5 X36,0 XH43,5
Dimension of the packaging 39,0 X51,0 XH52,5
Colors white
Working time without mains power about 2,5 hours
Heating time from cold about 2,5 hours
Vertical mounting yes
Horizontal mounting no
Serial usb port for monitoring yes
Nozzle tamper yes
Serial interface RS232
with UR FOG Standard protocol
Alarm kit opzional
New heating system “Layer” yes
Coverage in a single shot (visibility more than 1,5 m) up to 4500 m3
Coverage in a single shot (visibility less than 1 m) up to 1500 m3
Max seconds of fog emission 70 sec
Max fog emitted with full fog bag 1500 m3
Number of bag 1
Fog tank capacity 1 x 1000 ml
Shooting specification programmable in seconds
Bag included 1
Power supply 230 V or 120 V
Average power consumption 60 W
Back up battery yes
Pir sensor validation input yes
Shot confirmation output yes
Power supply yes
Complies with european CE yes
Fog fluid is certified yes
Meets european standard yes