Modular 3 Plus

Anti-intrusion fogging security systems

Modular Plus 300 fog system anti-intrusion anti-theft - UR FOG


Small and powerful, expandible and very flexible.
Modular 3 PLUS is equipped with the powerful CPLUS board.

Main news are:

  • Front panel made of plastic material to simplify wireless communication
  • Internal side riser for optional boards
  • It accepts positive (PNP) or negative (NPN) signals
  • It is possible to set “active security” or “passive security”
  • 4 cabled inputs
  • 5 cabled relay outputs (free contacts)
  • 3 internal slots for optional boards

Powerful and fast fogging system, can cover up to 900 m3 in 40 seconds (300 m3 visibility less than 1 m)

It is very easy to change and with a very competitive price.

It is possible to add optional boards inside the cabinet, such as alarm centrals, sensors, etc.


Desk stand

Orientable wall bracket

Side and top riser


Fluid bag 750 ml FFLXRC4/5
Fluid bag 750 ml Food Grade FFLXRC4/5FG
Top riser FPUTRCP
Side riser FPUSRCP
Desk stand FPUSTD
Orientable wakll bracket FPUWB
Demo Kit: modular (key + keyfob / receiver) F23KITDM
Active Cloud Lan / WIFI board URCLWF
Wifi antenna module URCLWFA
Mounting Kit Modular CPLUS
(cable 12V + flat cable Modular CPlus + top riser
+ 4×10 mm spacers)
Compact Cabinet yes
Weight of the fogging system 8 KG
Overall packaging weight 9 KG
Units on 100×120 cm pallet 36
Dimensions of the fogging system 30 x13 xH39
Size of the packaging 36 x19 xH45
Colors white
Operating time without mains power over 1 hour
Heating time about 1 hour
Vertical mounting yes
Horizontal mounting yes
Usb port/serial for computer monitoring (Windows and Linux) yes
Serial bus for standard UR FOG protocol yes
Alarm kit optional
New “layer” heating system yes
Single shot coverage (visibility more than 1,5 m) 900 m3
Single shot coverage (visibility less than 1 m) 300 m3
Maximum emission time in a single shot 40 sec
Total discharge capability with full bag 1375 m3
Number of bags 1
Amount of fluid in the bag 750 ml
Shot characteristics programmable in sec.
Number of bags included 1
4 cabled inputs: arming, shooting, programmable input
and verification sensor (PIR). First three accept positive (PNP) or negative (NPN) signals. It is possible to set “active security” or “passive security”
5 relay cabled outputs: fault, programmable output, empty bag,
low battery/lack of power supply and shooting confirmation
Serial interface RS232 yes
Standard communication protocol yes
Top internal riser for optional boards yes
Side internal riser optional boards yes
Front panel made of plastic material to simplify the wireless communication yes
Internal multi slot to insert more expansion boards at once (3 slots) yes
Power supply 230 V or 120 V
Average consumption 37 W
Heater max power in start 170 W
Backup battery yes
CE certification yes
Certified fog fluid yes
Compliant to the current europeans regulations yes