Fast 03 Easy 2

Anti-intrusion fogging security systems

security fogging system Fast  line UR Fog


It is the ideal fogging system to protect small or medium areas like shops, homes, garages.
The machine shoots the cylinder content in two times, then you just replace it with a new one in a very easy way.
Each shot covers 200 m3 in 15 seconds.
The price of Fast 03 Easy 2 is the most aggressive in the market but its performances are comparable to a top professional machine as speed of fog ejection.

Powerful and fast fogging system, can cover up to 600 m3 in 15 seconds (200 m3 recommended visibility)

Removable and disposable fog cylinder, very easy to change and with a very competitive price.

Fast electronic board

Battery pack

Vertical recharge
Liquid quantity 300 ml

Easy to change cylinder

Weight of the fog machineabout 10 KG
Weight with packagingabout 11 KG
Units on one pallet 100×12036
Dimension of the machine26,5 X23,0 XH34,5
Dimension of the packaging32,0 X25,0 XH43,0
Working time without mains powerabout 2 hours
Heat up time from coldabout 70 minutes
Vertical mountingyes
Horizontal mountingno
Serial usb port for monitoringyes
Nozzle tamperno
Serial bus for standard protocolyes
Alarm kitopzional
New heating system plusyes
Coverage in a single shot (1,5 m visibility)up to 600 m3
Coverage in a single shot (recommended density)up to 200 m3
Max seconds of fog emission15 sec
Max fog emitted with full fog tank400 m3
Number of cylinders1
Fog tank capacity1 x 300 ml
Shooting specification2 shots (200 m3 each)
Cylinder modelvertical
Cylinder included1
Power supply230 V or 110 V
Average power consumption37 W
Battery packyes
Antirobbery kityes
Inputs wired arming and shootingyes
Outputs wiredyes
Standard communication protocolyes
Complies with european CEyes
Fog fluid is certifiedyes
Meets european standardyes