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Fog System

Fogging systems


Lines of fogging systems with new patented technologies:
the mechanical FOG STORM pump and the a ”Layer ” technology.

Modular, Modular Plus, Modular Ajax Ready, Fast Pump Pro Plus lines.

Fogging systems


Lines of Fogging Systems with cylinder technology and with patented double cylinder technology.

Fast Pro Plus line.

fogging system


BAT 300 TEMPEST TECHNOLOGY – the first and unique battery-operated fog system.
Minimal size and compact design.
Ideal for the protection of all environments and means of transport.

BAT 300 Tempest Technology fogging system

From 200 m3 to 800 m3

From 200 m3 to 800 m3

From 250 m3 to 4500 m3

From 200 m3 to 1200 m3


The innovative liquid formula with a high percentage of glycol ensures a dense fog that is totally impenetrable.

The fog produced is, by far, the densest of all those produced by the various fogging systems on the market thanks to the composition of the fog liquid and the exclusive shooting technology based on our patents.

Thanks to the massive insulation UR FOG fogging systems have a very low power consumption and can shoot for a long time in absence of mains power; temperature is constantly stable.

Long lasting operation time without mains

The innovative thermal insulation of the heater allows UR Fog systems to work for a long period of time without mains power: from 1,5 h up to 3,5h!

A unique serial bus to plug on the electronic board an add on card that allows to easily interface the machine with alarms and to control the fogging system even from remote. A standard protocol is available for all machines.
UR FOG fogging systems  made in Italy

UR FOG fogging systems are innovative in their technology and performances, in order to guarantee the most effective protection against thefts and they have different patents.

UR FOG fogging systems are certified according to European regulations. Fog fluid is assessed as not dangerous for people and animals and does not leave residuals.

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