Hygienizing fluid

Purifog for fogging systems


hygienizing FLUID


PuriFog is a hygienizing system researched for everyday use.
It thoroughly cleans and hygienizes any environment, a perfect suppliment for daily hygienizing process at home and at work.

Purifog by Ur Fog hygienizing fogging systems

Hygienizing and cleaning quickly

PuriFog formula is thought to be an air hygienizer and cleaner for any professional or domestic environment.
Sprayed into the air reaches any crack, corner or surface.
A handy system, you can activate the fogging system remotely, even at night, via mobile or PC.

It captures 99.9% of the microparticles in the air and removes more than 99% of the bacteria.
TESTED BY CERTIFIED ACCREDIA LABORATORY according to ISO 18593:2018+UNI EN ISO 4833-1:2013 standards.

PuriFog is an innovative mixture based on quaternary ammonium compounds.

The fog obtained cleans and hygienizes the air and all the surfaces it comes into contact with and an efficiency of more 1700 times higher than a normal spray system.

Thanks to the dimensions of its droplets, the fog reaches all the microparticles in the air in all possible cracks, corners, surfaces and objects depositing on them the surfactants of the formula.

This fluid is available for: