Disinfecting fluid

Purifog Biotect for fogging systems



PuriFog Biotect

Purifog biotect by UR Fog disinfectant fogging systems

Disinfects all premises, up to 4500 m3 in a few minutes

The fluid to disinfect and sanitize simply by replacing the bag.

Thanks to the process of spraying the disinfectant, all the hardest-to-reach parts (corners, cracks, walls, ceilings) will be disinfected.

Purifog Biotect AV is also recommended to disinfect all surfaces in hospitals.

Detergent Disinfectant for rooms and surfaces authorised by surgical device.
Medical and Surgical Device N° 20711
Ur Fog in partnership with ZEP Italia

Authorized and registered in most international countries

The Purifog Biotect AV Kit consists of a 50 ml bottle of the PMC BIOTECT AV concentrated disinfectant and the special 950ml base in which to dilute it.

The fog obtained through the mixing of these two components disinfects all the surfaces with which it comes into contact.

This spraying process, not requiring the intervention of specialized operators, guarantees a very high efficiency in compliance with a particularly low operating cost.

Practical and simple spray disinfection system for shops and showrooms:

  1. You activate it in the evening remotely when the store is closed and, in the morning, have the store disinfected and ready to open!
  2. Save money, you don’t need the intervention of specialized operators.
  3. It leaves no residue and does not create moisture.
  4. It does not wet objects, surfaces and materials.

You can disinfect bars, restaurants, hotels, sports centers, gyms, offices and all environments.

Can be used in food production and processing premises according to the HACCP procedure.

This fluid is available for: