Anti-intrusion fogging systems

Because our fogging systems are efficient



  1. Thefts usually happen very quickly and often involve valuables.
  2. Robbers who attempt these types of thefts act quickly and can use tricks or violence to intimidate staff and circumvent traditional security systems.
  3. In addition, traditional security systems such as burglar alarms or surveillance cameras are ignored by certain criminals and for this reason such systems are typically ineffective in preventing burglaries and intrusion into premises and as a result are ineffective in preventing the theft of valuables and goods.
  4. Theft of valuables is particularly expensive not only because of the great value of the stolen items but above all because of the consequent loss due to the destruction of the business and infrastructure that in many cases can be even of higher value.

For these reasons, fogging safety systems have been invented, producing in a few seconds a dense, disorienting and impenetrable artificial fog wall.

Unlike alarms and surveillance cameras, the fog immediately block intrusion and thieves, obscuring all objects from view in seconds.

This disorienting fog causes a reversal of the intentions of the thieves, from wanting to steal objects to looking for a way out the premises.


Antintrusion fogging systems Ur Fog

Traditional alarm systems can warn of the theft but cannot prevent it.

It takes less than 3 minutes for burglars to commit a theft, causing damage to property and people, as they know exactly where to go and what to steal.
The police takes al least 10-15 minutes to reach the place.
Our fogging system that provide zero visibility and inability to action for criminals, you also avoid further damages.

Fogging safety systems can be easily integrated with existing alarm systems such as burglar alarms, cameras and control systems.


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  • The fastest in fog emission
  • The densest fog, thanks to the fog fluid with just 10% of water in its formula
  • Low power consumption during activation and maintaining thanks to the 170W, 300W and 600W heaters
  • Different patented technologies such as the nozzle anti-tamper, the layer heating system and the Fog Storm pump and other innovations, like orientable nozzle, fuse cable.
  • Bus expansion for add-on boards and standard protocol
  • Compliant with European regulations and fog fluid certified as not dangerous for people, animals and electronics
  • Wide product range: pump, single or double cylinder technology
  • Price aggressive recharges
  • All main components are internally developed by our own R&D department and designed to be exchangeable
  • Cheap solutions with nice design for high volumes and easy OEM developments