UR Fog

Fogging Systems Manufacturer



UR Fog is the most innovative and powerful anti-intrusion system on the market.

A team of professionals and engineers with over 20 years of experience in the development of new products and distribution management all over the world.

We are market leader in the security fogging systems sector

Thanks to the high quality and superior tecnology of our products, guaranteed by the company’s in-house technical expertise and patents protecting technological innovations.

Ur Fog securty foggin systems manufacturer
UR FOG fogging systems made in Italy

First ones to have certified their fogging systems according to the strict

EN 50131-8:2019 *

*Ask for the Attestation of certified UR FOG fogging syatems accordingly to EN 50131-8:2019 by Applica

UR Fog’s philosophy is simple:

the best performing products at the best price with a focus on quality control.

UR Fog’s exceptional fog emission speed performance is certainly the easiest way to compare with other existing systems.
Given the real and effective potential of this innovative security system, a rapidly expanding and growing market in business and demand has opened up, with sales volume expected to increase more than 20 times over the next 5 years.

UR FOG group

NOREL MESHWAVE is a company that develops and manufactures electronic systems for different fields of application.

Since the company’s foundation, in 2004, we have designed and produced boards for cars, trucks, boats, trains, airplanes, helicopters and industrial machines for both civil and military users.
Our expertise range from system engineering to hardware/firmware design, EMC compliance and certification, boards manufacturing and consulting services.

TECHNOWAVE INTERNATIONAL is the business unit following international sales of UR FOG group.

Based in Minsk, Republic of Belarus.
It is specialized in sales and support of security fogging systems and wireless mesh technology. Technowave actually follows distributors, OEM and large system integrators in more than 80 countries.

Yuliya Koleichick, CEO of Technowave International Ltd, has been supporting all UR FOG international sales from the start of UR FOG group, following all stages of product developments to the establishment of the international sales channels.

STEMAR s.r.l. is a precision mechanical workshop.

That was born in 2011 from the experience of the partners Luca and Paolo in the aeronautical field.
The company is able to deal with complete mechanical processes such as milling, turning, grinding, welding, assembling of prototypes and series, construction of equipment and processing on any type of material.
Stemar has a technical office on CAD CAM system programming and a department dedicated to products testing.

The Ur Fog team

Alberto Mori

CEO – General and Administrative Director

Giovanni Balestrini

COO – New Products Development Coordinator and After-Sales Manager

Mauro Lombardo

CTO – R&D and Electronic Design Coordinator

Corrado Braggiotti

CEO – Italian Sales and Marketing Manager

Piero Uberto

CFO – Financial Director, Resource Coordinator and Operational Manager

Giulia Mori

Chief of Chemistry Area

Giampaolo Malara

Chief of Certifications, Quality, Cloud and International Technical Support

Adriana Valencia

Purchasing , Insurances and Marketing Support latino american countries

Yuliya Koleichik

Technowave CEO – International Sales Channels Director

Ekaterina Riabchinskaya

International Sales

Ekaterina Baranova

International Sales

Diego Faggiani

Italian Sales

Angelo Badessa

Production Manager

Monica Meneveri

Administration and Accounting

Iya Kazlouskaya

Logistics and Shipping

Alessandra Frattini

Web designer & Web Development, Graphics & Marketing

Andrea Frola

Full stack development,
IT Resource Coordinator

Luca Gattoni

Stemar CEO

Paolo Sciarini

Stemar CTO