Certificates and Patents

UR FOG anti-intrusion fogging systems

Our quality and performance are certified worldwide

UR FOG machines have been developed, thanks to the internal R&D team and laboratories, with innovative solutions for security and fully respecting internationals approvals and regulations.
Fogging machines have EMC – FCC – CE approvals and EN 50131-8:2019 * certification.

First ones to have certified their fogging systems according to the strict

EN 50131-8:2019

UR Fog: the first manufacturer of Fogging Systems who has obtained the Certification of Compliance to EN 50131-8:2019. *

The European regulation EN 50131-8 issued by CENELEC is the reference to the international quality standard related to fogging anti-intrusion systems; the latest and updated version, the most restrictive and complete, is the 2019 revision.
The EN 50131-8:2019 certification is the only one recognized in the international market able to guarantee the compliance of a fogging system with the reference technical standard.
The strict tests to which fogging systems are subjected concern not only electrical and mechanical components but also knowingly delicate elements such as electronic components.
The tests are carried out simulating real situations, subjecting the devices to the conditions in which they will operate in case of intrusion, such as the absence of power from the electrical supply and tampering. The quality and quantity of fluid used by the fogging system are also verified, certifying its absolute non-toxicity and the absence of residues once it has turned into fog.
The introduction of innovative technical solutions, protected by numerous international patents, has allowed UR Fog fogging systems to comply with the strict and scrupulous checks provided for in the latest version of the legislation.
The EN 50131-8:2019 certification is a quality recognition carried out by independent third parties, charged with the meticulous verification of the characteristics of the fogging system without leaving doubts about the parameters that are often misunderstood and that unfortunately leave room for subjective interpretations. Speaking of fog, in fact, without conforming to an international reference standard, it is difficult to objectively establish parameters such as density and persistence, making it too often understood that the end user notices too late the ineffectiveness of the device to which he entrusted the safety of his goods.
For the evaluation of its fogging systems UR Fog has relied on the accredited body APPLICA Tests & Certification AS, Norway, which has also certified the real saturation capacity, the density of fog over time, concentration, opacity and persistence. That is why the data provided in the manuals and data sheets of UR Fog are not indicative and theoretical but real and above all certified.

*Ask for the Attestation of certified UR FOG fogging systems accordingly to EN 50131-8:2019 by Applica

Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015

Design, production and marketing of anti-intrusion fogging systems.

Fluids Certifications


The fog fluid is certified by EUROFINS,
one of the largest multinational companies
for chemical, cosmetic, medicine certification,
as not toxic for humans and animals and the fluid
content is not in contrast with any islamic country
regulation. Products have been already sold
in over 80 worldwide countries.
Toxicological evaluation risk EN ISO 16000-1:2006
(ISO 16000-1:2004).

Certified Lab Eurofins BioLab


Meets the requirements of
the Reg 1935/2004/EC legislation.

Tests performed at Accredia accredited laboratory.



The test reports show that more than 99%
of the bacterial load initially found on the surfaces
has been removed. The tests were carried out on
the most common materials present in home
and in professional environments.

Test method :
ISO 18593:2018+UNI EN ISO 4833-1:2013

Certified Lab LaEcoVet


Registered by :
the Ministry of Health as Presidio Medico Chirurgico
N° 20711

Authorized and registered in most international countries


Certificate: PMC Ministero della Salute

Inventoriè au MEEDDAT sous le N. 50142

Deutschland Registrienummer der BAuA N.96165

Registrato in Italia PMC – Registrazione del Ministero
della Salute n. 11068

HSE registration number 10827 (UK)

Some of our innovative patents


Patented double cylinder technology.
Thanks to a brand new patent the cylinders are the best solution to shoot the fog faster.
The double cylinder system is electronically controlled thus allowing the automatic change to the second cylinder once the first is exhausted, even during the shot.
The cylinders are easy to replace and disposable.

Technology for fog systems:
UR FOG Fast Pro Plus anti-intrusion fog systems


Patent of new Fog Storm technology on heating systems with better performances in fog ejection, speed and fog quantity.
The FOG STORM Pump and “LAYER’’ heating exchange systems technology for a fast and very dry fog shoot. Disposable recharge, very easy to replace, at a very competitive price.


“LAYER” heating.
Designed and built for the greatest fog fluid diffusion to increase the firing time and better the quality and quantity of the fog emitted.

Technology for fog systems:
Fast Pump Pro Plus UR FOG
Modular anti-intrusion fogging systems
UR FOG Modular Plus anti-intrusion fog systems


Proprietary technology covered by two international patents.
Self-balanced shooting system (patented).

Battery-operated Tempest UR FOG

Technology for fog system:

UR FOG BAT 300 Tempest Technology anti-intrusion fog system with battery technology


Low power consumption.
Small size and high performances.

compact fog exchange UR FOG

Technology for fog system:

UR FOG Compact security fogging systems

Adjustable nozzle with anti-tampering tamper.

Adjustable nozzle to direct the shot in an optimal way.
Tamper to signal and prevent nozzle clogging. Development and patent of nozzle tamper feature.

Adjustable nozzle UR FOG
Technology for fog systems:
UR FOG Fast Pro Plus anti-intrusion fog systems
Fast Pump Pro Plus UR FOG

Patented serial protocol for expansion boards.

Standard for all fogging systems.