Safeguard your warehouses

Anti-intrusion fogging security systems


Preventing theft in warehouses and deposits

Thefts inside warehouses and deposits are an increasingly widespread phenomenon, to be targeted not only the goods guarded but also the machinery and work tools.
Normally, insurance companies compensate only the value of stolen products and not the damage caused by these criminal acts. For example: blocking of commercial and administrative activity that results in economic losses of bigger value than of the goods stolen; also losses of orders, delays in deliveries and the cost of workforce during forced unproductivity.
These thefts involve not only significant economic damage, but also image damage which has a negative impact on the confidence of its customers.
To make these premises a safe and inviolable place we need a protective device that can immediately block any intrusion attempt.

Traditional alarm systems can warn of the theft but cannot prevent it.

It takes less than 3 minutes for burglars to commit a theft, causing damage to property and people, as they know exactly where to go and what to steal.
The police takes al least 10-15 minutes to reach the place.

The solution

UR Fog offers the optimal solution to protect offices, production areas and warehouses with anti-intrusion fogging systems with capacity of covering space from 0 to 14000 m3 in a few seconds with a single shot.

Just in few seconds visibility is reduced to zero preventing any possible theft attempt.

We have invented fogging systems that produce dense, disorientating and impenetrable fog, confusing the thieves and making them running away as soon as possible.

Installing one or more fogging systems with our innovative Active Cloud you can manage and control the units remotely from your mobile or pc.

The best anti-intrusion fogging systems for warehouses


  1. Thefts usually happen very quickly and often involve valuables.
  2. Robbers who attempt these types of thefts act quickly and can use tricks or violence to intimidate staff and circumvent traditional security systems.
  3. In addition, traditional security systems such as burglar alarms or surveillance cameras are ignored by certain criminals and for this reason such systems are typically ineffective in preventing burglaries and intrusion into premises and as a result are ineffective in preventing the theft of valuables and goods.
  4. Theft of valuables is particularly expensive not only because of the great value of the stolen items but above all because of the consequent loss due to the destruction of the business and infrastructure that in many cases can be even of higher value.

For these reasons Fogging security systems have been invented to produce dense, disorienting and impenetrable fog within just some seconds.

Unlike alarms and security cameras, fog immediately blocks intrusion, hiding all objects from view in seconds.

Produced fog completely disorients thieves, for this reason, instead of committing theft, he immediately starts looking for the exit.

Fogging safety systems can be easily integrated with existing alarm systems such as burglar alarms, cameras and control systems.