300 m3 in just 15 seconds

300 m3 in just 15 seconds

600 m3 in just 30 seconds

1800 m3 in just 60 seconds

200 m3 in just 18 seconds

Includes: Alarm Panel,
Wireless PIR, 2 Remote
Controls and GSM

Vertical and horizontal cylinders

iOS, Android and WEB compatible


200 m3 in just 18 seconds

300 m3 in just 15 seconds

300 m3 in just 15 seconds

600 m3 in just 30 seconds

1800 m3 in just 60 seconds

Fogging security systems are a very important element to add to your alarm system to ensure safety for the property.  Usually criminal acts are committed in few minutes and police may not arrive on time. Only a security fog system is able to protect  the first 15 minutes of a theft or a robbery. For your safety choose UR Fog - the global leader in the fogging security systems.


The fastest fog generators in the world. Up to 50 m3 per second. It is impossible to steal what is impossible to see – this sentence has a great sense when we mean UR Fog since in a few seconds you can not see anything.  

The most dense fog. Thanks to the innovativeformulation of the fluid with a high percentage of glycol it ensures a dense fog which is totally impenetrable to the visibility.

Fog generators are the most competitive in price. Thanks to the integration in a manufacturing process where UR Fog has designed and produced all the internal components of fog generators, we have not only the most powerful machines in the market but also the most competitive in price.  

Fog tanks are easy to install and competitive in price.    Thanks to the  patented system of the double cylinders,  UR Fog use 100% of cylinder contents  without any waste of fog liquid; fog  cylinders are single-use and do not require complicated and  expensive refills. They are easy to install an are extremely competitive in price.

Fog generators are absolutely safe. Certified according to European standards of security. Fog fluid is tested and is absolutely safe . Do not leave any residue after shooting. They are not dangerous for objects, animals, people.  

Low power consumption. The perfect insulation system provides very low power consumption that allows you to save costs in comparison with other fogging systems.

Systems are very simple to install. Compatible with any professional alarm system, they are also assisted in real time by qualified personnel to support you during the installation.   Generators work also without main power. UR Fog provides the maximum protection even  in the absence of main power.
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I have a chain of supermarkets and I have been robbed several times. When I decided to install the first UR Fog system, I was sceptic about the possible outcome but I changed my way of thinking. I foiled two attempts of theft and thefts have run away without a single product and they never came back, also, the fog did not leave any residue on my shelves, the fog system has blocked the entrance to the thieves and now I can sleep well.


I have a bar with tobacco’s shop and inside I have also some slot machines with coins exchange . Thieves have stolen into my shop so many times that the insurance refused to continue to protect me, but since I installed UR Fog system I not only haven't been robbed anymore but I also saved the insurance policy cost, I am very happy with the choice.


I am the owner of a bicycle shop, I was going to shut down the business, fortunately I decided to install 2 UR Fog systems. Before installing the fog generators I got robbed 5 times, after installation of UR Fog thieves tried to enter in my shop 2 times more without any success and then I have never been robbed anymore. I realized that installing a system as fast as UR Fog it really prevents thefs.


I am a consultant and I live in a country house outside Turin. Last year when thieves tried to get into the house with my wife and my children , I was so worried that I was thinking about moving to an apartment in the city. Then I spoke with an alarm reseller who suggested me to create a safe area in the house and to install a fog system, luchily when thiefs tried again to enter into the house my wife activated the fog machine with a panic button that was installed inside the house and put them on the run.

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